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Fixies Jump!


Help the Fixiеs get to the top!Your favorites Fixies from the hit animated series “The Fixies” are master repairmen who live to keep all of the devices in our world running smoothly. To get their job done they need to find a way to climb from the very bottom of a device all the way to the very top. It’s a dangerous job, and Fixies have to be careful not to fall!
Don’t let the Fixies fall:
- Help the Fixie jump from one platform to another- Choose only the platforms that are safe to jump on- Shoot the broken fans- Collect the boosters- Climb to the top with Fixie!
Play for free, set new records, compete with other players. The free game “Fixies Jump” is a fun, fast paced game that will challenge your reaction time.
Download the game now and take your Fixie to the new heights!